Central heating: common problems and how to fix them

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If your central heating is broken the best course of action is to contact an experienced  plumber.

However, some common central heating problems can be fixed quite easily with a bit of DIY. We explore some common heating problems and how to fix them.

1. Only the bottom of the radiator is giving off heat

If only the bottom of your radiator is warm, it’s time to bleed your radiator. Ensure the radiator and its pump is switched off and use a radiator key (these can be purchased in most hardware shops) to slightly unscrew one of the radiators bolts. Turn the bolt until you hear air escaping from the radiator, water should then drip from the bolt, so have a bucket close by. Close the bolt back and your radiator should be working more efficiently.

2. Only the top of the radiator is giving off heat

Follow the above information and bleed your radiator. If after bleeding your radiator it is still only giving out heat from its top half, unscrew the radiator from the wall and flush water throughout the radiator which should eliminate any build-up blocking the heat.

3. Neither your hot tap or radiator is working

Check that the temperature on your thermostat hasn’t been changed and is switched on properly. Switch off your heating and back on again. If the problem persists check to see if electricity is being supplied to your system, e.g. check if your boiler is working, if it isn’t your fuse may have blown and may need replacing.

If you have followed the above tips but are still experiencing problems with your central heating, contact the experts at JNP Plumbing today for a plumber Taunton residents can rely on.

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