Do you really need to service your boiler annually?

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There are many misconceptions about how often a boiler needs servicing, with the most common being a boiler only needs to be serviced when it is faulty. Many professionals argue that a boiler needs to be serviced annually, but why? Below we explore some of the benefits of having an annual boiler service…

1. Protects your warranty

For the majority of boilers, their warranty is only valid if they are serviced annually. Failing to meet your warranty requirements mean any claims you make if your boiler breaks will be void and you will have to pay for the expenses yourself.

2. Reduces your bills

If a boiler is working to its peak efficiency, the cost of your energy bills will be lower than if your boiler is working with a fault. Even if a boiler appears to be working properly, only an expert can determine if it is using or squandering energy unnecessarily.

3. Repairs can be made conveniently

Booking your boiler service annually will ensure that any repairs can be made during the summer, so your boiler is working properly ahead of the cold, winter months. This ensures you avoid having your boiler serviced during the winter, when you rely on your boiler and many plumber and boiler services will be busy.

4. Validates your home insurance

For some home insurance policies, annual boiler services are required to make the insurance valid. Check the terms and conditions of your home insurance and if annual boiler services are required, ensure you fulfil them to avoid paying outright for repair costs you believed to be insured.

Considering the above information, the answer to ‘do you really need to service your boiler annually?’ is, of course, yes! Having an annual boiler service will ensure your boiler is working to maximum efficiency and protect you against any unexpected costs. For a boiler service and plumber, Taunton residents can count on, contact JNP Plumbing today!

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