Warning Signs You Need to Call Your Local Plumber Urgently

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Many homeowners don’t think about calling their local plumber until they’re waist-deep in water. There were many warning signs before the trickle became a waterfall but you didn’t notice them. Or, perhaps you thought it was just a simple leak that you could easily fix yourself.

When you know what to look for, you can resolve the problems before they turn into emergencies. If you run across any of the following, phone your reliable local plumber right away.

Dripping tap

If your tap continuously drips water despite turning off the handle, be aware that this could be a red flag. If not resolved immediately, this could cause a massive surge in your water bill and waste litres of water. Call a plumber right away to fix the issue.

Clogged drains

If you have standing water in your bathtub or kitchen sink, your drain is probably clogged. Once this happens, clear it out immediately. A professional plumber can remove obstructions and check if there are any underlying issues in the drainage system.

Low water pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure in one of your taps, there may be mineral build-up in your fixture. This can be easily cleaned, fortunately. However, if this issue is apparent throughout your home, there may be a problem with your main water supply line. A plumber can diagnose the problem, make the necessary repairs, and return the water pressure back to normal.

Growing mould

Mould growth is often caused by leaky pipes within your walls or ceilings. If you see any mould in your home, contact a plumbing company to check your water system. Mould can cause extensive damage to your property and can be hazardous to your health if not addressed immediately.

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